Reddit: Is Anal Only Bad For Your Anus Health in the Long Term?

I’m really interested in trying anal. I bought myself a butt plug and I’ve used it and dildos anally before. I really want to try anal with my boyfriend.

The other day we were talking about a couple he knew in college who were doing anal all the time because the girl wanted to avoid PIV for religious reasons. Then he said how terrible of an idea it is because if you do it regularly you can face problems like incontinence in the future.

I thought things like that only happen if you’re doing something wrong or you’re doing something rougher/deeper than normal anal sex. Anyone care to shed some light on this? Interested in seeing some research on this, as well as personal anecdotes.

I really want to try anal with him but I get the feeling we need to talk about it more first, especially the things that are likely or unlikely to happen.

Multiple people respond with good personal experience reassuring the original poster that anal is perfectly safe when done properly.

My gf has been anal only for 5 years now… No problems. If anything it’s the opposite.

She says she has the most satisfying poops after sex, almost an orgasm in themselves.

And she feels bloated now if she doesn’t have regular anal.

I think it’s the same as asking is it dangerous for your legs to take a hike. Your body tells you when to take a brake and at the end you maybe are a little sore if you’re not used to walking long distances. But your body heals quickly and you get less soreness if you do training. If you are an athlete though, who hikes every day and ignores pain you will have issues eventually. The body adapts and gets used to things. So, doing anal more frequently is actually better imho because your ass gets used to it (no doctor, just from my experience). I’d say the worst thing you can do is never do any anal for 6 months and then do one full day of double anal pounding.

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One response to “Reddit: Is Anal Only Bad For Your Anus Health in the Long Term?”

  1. Stephen says:

    I was watching some Bria Jaye Love and Maci May porn over the weekend, and it got me thinking: did the fact that both these women are flat chested happily lead them to anal. I like women of all breast sizes but I think men usually prefer average to medium sized breasts. Breast implants can be great but they don’t have to be necessary.
    Perhaps these women and other flat chested women sometimes make the excellent decision of compensating by accentuating their gorgeous asses. Not only is this a successful strategy for attracting a lot of men but its also bound to anal oriented assmen. Even though the female ass is the best feature on all women (including women with a magnificent rack), assmen obviously take a flat chested girl with a marvelous ass in the direction that makes the most sense and convince her to do anal.
    Thereafter, such a woman has had her “third eye” opened by cock and has thus had the best sex possible. She understands that the logical conclusion of an accentuated ass is to be anal princess and perhaps anal only. If a woman does oral and anal sex and loves anal, a man will quickly cease to care about her breast size. Obviously, women of all breast sizes should seriously explore their little assholes, try to anally masturbate (preferably without vaginal supplement), and make an effort to make anal sex their main sexual activity.

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