Vaginal Sex is Unsustainable

In his recent documentary A Life on Our Planet, David Attenborough said that “anything that we can’t do forever is by definition, unsustainable.” On multiple levels, vaginal sex meets this definition of an unsustainable act.

Widespread reproduction is unsustainable

Vaginal sex is inherently a reproductive act. That is its primary function, and everything about it puts that function above all else. Pleasure, intimacy, stress relief, and the other benefits of sex come second to the fact that it’s intended for getting pregnant and making babies.

But, we can’t sustain a constantly growing birth rate, and we’re already seeing so many negative effects from our population as it currently stands. It’s time to separate reproduction from sex entirely, and make sex be purely about pleasure, intimacy and bonding. Anal serves that purpose so much better than vaginal, with zero reproductive functions at all. Not only does this amplify the enjoyment of sex for its own purpose, it empowers everyone involved by giving them control over when and if they want to get pregnant while having a fully and free sex life.

Birth control causes packaging waste

Artificial forms of birth control can provide a level of the same benefits, but they have their own issues of sustainability. Not only does the contraceptive pill require daily consumption and corresponding waste in disposable packaging, it costs money in places like the U.S. and can end up a choice between having a safe sex life without worry of pregnancy or having money for other things. It can also come with many side effects that limit enjoyment of sex or even risk one’s health later in life with increased chances of cancer.

Anal sex doesn’t have those side effects, and provides natural birth control while amplifying arousal and sex drive, without the health risks that come from hormonal birth control. It doesn’t require wasteful packaging or spending money on pills, it’s something anyone can do without risk of pregnancy and without needing any additional component.

Vaginal sex gets worse the longer you do it

While it’s somewhat overexaggerated at times, a common trope with vaginal sex is that vaginas get loose over time and sex becomes less enjoyable. There is some truth to this, though it is less about use and more about age and pregnancy. A member of the anal only community recently described it as vaginas naturally getting looser over time and having to work to keep them tight, while anuses naturally try to stay tight and you have to constantly work to keep them relaxed for sex. The latter trends towards things staying more stimulating for everyone involved over a long term relationship and sex life.

All told, there are many benefits to the anal only lifestyle, and it can play an important role in our sustainable future contributing to the continued survival of the human species and the rest of our planet.

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