Natural Disinclination Towards Vaginal Sex

Over the years, as new members have joined the various aspects of the Anal Only Lifestyle community, a commonly repeated statement is that they had always been more attracted to anal sex and uninterested in vaginal, and felt unusual or afraid of being judged as a result. Despite the fact that this disinclination towards vaginal actually appears to be rather common, vaginal sex still carries the sense of normalcy for many, and disliking it to prefer anal can have a stigma attached to it.

Of course, because not many scientific studies have been made on this subject, we don’t have any reliable statistics to work with, only anecdotal stories—but, within this community at least, it is common enough to be significant. Until we can get more studies into anal sex and topics related to the anal only lifestyle, this is the best we can do!

Among men, this disinterest can manifest itself as being more attracted to women’s asses and anuses, finding vaginal penetration visually unappealing or looking wrong compared to anal, or finding the idea of vaginal gross. Unfortunately, the dismissive reaction many people have to hearing this is to conclude that such men are gay and secretly want to have sex with men, rather than that they simply prefer anal sex with women. Being gay, bi or straight is about what gender you’re attracted to, not what type of sexual activity you prefer.

Among women, it can come from experimenting with masturbating different ways and discovering anal feels better, wanting to stay a vaginal virgin and being disinterested in vaginal as a result, wanting to avoid pregnancy and developing a dislike of vaginal due to the risk of pregnancy that can come from it, or even finding vaginas and vaginal penetration gross and unsexy for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of gender, it’s something that a lot of people share and can relate to within this community, and it can be empowering to realize that you aren’t alone in those thoughts and that there are other people who share them and who you can be open with, both to discuss it and potentially giving hope of finding a compatible partner who has a similar view of vaginal sex and wants to be strictly anal only.

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