The Greater Anal Only Lifestyle Community

The Anal Only Lifestyle community has grown far beyond just this blog, and if you’d like to take part more actively or just follow along on everything anal only, be sure to check out everything else we have to offer.

The Anal Only Lifestyle Forum is somewhat of a central hub for the entire community, and you should definitely check it out and join it! As of this writing, there are almost 1,500 members and 1o,000 posts. (Update December 2018: Over 2,000 members now!)

For more active chat and conversation, join our Discord server and say hello to everyone hanging out in there. We’re over 1,100 members now, with 30 to 50 actively online at any given time, generally. (Update December 2018: Over 2,700 members, averaging 150 online now!) Drop in, introduce yourself, and become a more active part of the community! (Please note that this is intended for conversation, consensual sharing of experiences, and getting to know people and make friends, not to look for a quick hookup or harass other members to chat privately or send pictures.)

If you aren’t already following our companion porn blog, Anal Sex Only, feel free to check it out as well for anal only pictures, gifs and video posted multiple times a day with original captions about and advocating for the anal only lifestyle.

As always, you can and are absolutely encouraged to ask advice, share experiences, or just say hi on either blog via a Tumblr Ask or the Tumblr messenger. (Asks will be responded to publicly unless otherwise specified. Anon asks will always be public. Conversation via the Tumblr messenger will always be private unless otherwise specified.)

December 2018 Update: Tumblr has shut down adult blogs since this post was created, but you can track down your favorite anal only-themed blogs and where, if anywhere, they’ve ended up, at our Anal Only Porn Blogs page. You can send messages or ask questions via our Ask a Question page.

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