You Aren’t Missing Anything by Going Anal Only

A common concern by people considering the idea of going anal only is that they will miss vaginal sex. Some enjoy vaginal even if not as much as anal, others don’t even really enjoy it and do anal a vast majority of the time already but still think they’ll miss it if they stop doing vaginal, or that they will be abnormal if they don’t do it at least some of the time.

The reality is, though, that the majority of people who try stopping vaginal sex and only doing anal for a month or more realize they aren’t missing anything at all and only want to do anal going forward.

If you’re curious about the anal only lifestyle, or if you just find yourself preferring anal sex and wonder about doing more, or exclusively anal, but have concerns about doing anal only long term, the best way to discover what works best for you is to simply try it—go anal only for a month or two, and see how it works for you. Chances are you won’t want to go back to vaginal sex.

No Pussy November starts in two weeks, and can be the perfect opportunity to explore anal only for at least a month. If you haven’t decided to try it yet, here’s your chance! But if November doesn’t work for you or you’re reading this at a later time, any time is a good time to try being anal only!

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