Vaginas Aren’t Useless, But They Aren’t For Sex

A common element of discussions of the anal only lifestyle is to good-naturedly refer to vaginas as “useless”. Most people understand what is meant here, and that it refers to a sexual context within the anal only lifestyle, where anal sex is so much better at everything that it renders vaginal sex pointless and vaginal sex useless.

In reality, though, we of course know that vaginas have a very important use to the human race: reproduction. The vagina is wonderful in that regard, optimized for that purpose, efficiently designed for impregnation and giving birth.

Vaginas aren’t, however, efficiently designed for recreational sex, which is the vast majority of what we humans want to engage in. The vast majority of the time we have sex, we’re seeking pleasure, intimacy, bonding, release, relaxation, and more. Having kids isn’t part of it at all except for when we actually plan and decide to start a family.

And because of that, anal provides a better option for everything else: better pleasure, better intimacy, better bonding, better orgasms. So if you aren’t trying to have kids right now, vaginas are actually pretty useless!

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