Message: The Anus is Not Designed to be Fucked

Anonymous: I know you have read this thousand times. Just for the record: I love anal. But how do you explain fucking a hole that is supposed to be use for eject faeces? Isn’t the pussy the anatomic place to fuck? The anus is just not designed to be fucked.

What’s there to explain? Evolution cares about reproduction when it comes to sex, and yes, you’re right, for reproductive sex, vaginas are where it’s at. But the vast, vast, vast majority of human sexual activity is non-reproductive. And while the anus may not primarily exist at an evolutionary level for sexual purposes, the reality is that it—just like the mouth—works really well for sex, and can provide and receive a lot of pleasure, more than vaginas in many cases. This may not have been by “design” or “intent” (never mind the fact that design and intent have nothing to do with it) but it is the reality.

Anal sex is just better for a lot of people. Yes, it can take some more practice and preparation, but the payoff is worth it. It might not be “natural”, but humans have a long tradition of figuring out new and better uses for existing things.

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