Article: How to Gape Your Asshole

Anal gaping is a term you probably won’t hear much outside of porn websites. It’s probably the most extreme form of anal stretching possible, and takes hours for your anus to recover from. While you have a gaped anus, you can even see some of the internal rectal muscles.

A gape is essentially an opening in the anus. This is usually caused by an extended period of anal sex, giving the muscles enough time to get used to being open, and remain open when the penis or sex toy is removed. It isn’t necessarily done in a violent or nasty way, although it might look like that in some porn movies. Gaping is simply another aspect of sex that some enjoy, and others will find quite strange.

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One response to “Article: How to Gape Your Asshole”

  1. Eirini says:

    Anal gaping is the most perfect thing to show a girl in her first date, gaping is must, the bigger the better!

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