The Joy of Anal

An ongoing trend in places like Bdsmlr and other places that dive deep into the fantasies and kinks that surround anal sex is to focus on degradation, pain, and other negatives. While the intent of this isn’t to shame those who enjoy those kinks, I think that the focus on that side of anal can harm its widespread adoption and enjoyment.

Instead, I’d like to talk about one of the best side effects of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle: the bliss and joy and just sheer happiness that one can experience by going anal only. Lots of people enjoy anal sex, but there’s something kind of magical that happens once you make the decision to fully stop using your vagina (and even more so with your clit) for sex and switch to anal penetration only.

Because your body no longer receives any vaginal stimulation, it is able to fully adjust to anal stimulation as its primary pleasure source, and if no longer experiencing any clitoral stimulation either, you no longer have the negative emotional side effects of clit orgasms that many women experience, such as loss of arousal and post-orgasm depression.

This results in a more constant, increased state of arousal that no only makes you more eager for sex more often, it can boost your mood and genuinely make you happier throughout the day as well. Couples who go anal only report not only greater enjoyment of sex, but becoming closer together as a couple and being happier and more satisfied individually.

Anal and the anal only lifestyle are a joyous thing. Sure, if some of the other kinks appeal to you and are something that you enjoy, by all means incorporate them into your life as well, but don’t let them define anal sex for you if they aren’t something you want.

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