Message: Double Anal With Boyfriend & Roommate in Quarantine

Anonymous: I live in a city that requires everyone to stay at home unless they have to go out, so my boyfriend and I have been staying in with my roommate for several weeks.

We are all very close. We have done a few threesomes before, and we have always done it spitroasting, because my boyfriend and I have only done anal for a few years, and I have not done vaginal or DP.

In any case, since the isolation began, we have been fucking non-stop, and since our friend has no girlfriend and is trapped at home, we have always included him so much that we are more like now a three-way relationship. I don’t know if this will continue, but it’s actually really hot, and I like to have two boyfriends to concentrate on me and get their frustration of being trapped out in my ass.

We have talked to him about anal only, he also prefers anal, so this is not a problem, but we started to read the blog together and showed him our favorite things and ideas, we saw a lot of double anal has been mentioned, so we thought we want to try it.

We first did a lot of exercises with toys, and then we did it. Once we figured out the position (I like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl best, you can put the second dick in the best position), it ’s easy . We’ve fucked enough, it didn’t hurt at all, but when they started to fuck me, it was almost to much pleasure. I think you can say that I fell in love with it immediately, and I soon reached a climax.

Afterwards, both of them said that they loved it too, so we decided to try it once or twice a week now to let my butt rest between, although it has not been so painful so far. We still fuck a few times a day in the usual way, because there is actually nothing else to do, and I think this has made us all more intimate, and hope we can maintain this state. Well, we will not get out soon, so we will keep going as much as we can. Even if I have been fucked so much, I am so horny! I just keep looking forward to the next time, I want them both in my ass again!

Thank you for sharing your experiences! It sounds like you’re making the most of this otherwise trying time, and it’s great to hear that it’s opened you up (in more ways than one!) to new anal experiences. Double anal is certainly becoming an increasingly popular thing for women to do, and I always like hearing from more people who are doing it. It’s a unique sensation that’s different from anything else sexually, and can be intensely pleasurable when done right—and it sounds like you’re doing it right!

It’s smart to ease into it, even if it’s wonderful for all of you. You might certainly be able before long to get to where you can do it every day, but making sure you don’t injure yourself or get too sore is a very good idea, and do more each week until you’re all getting it as much as you want!

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