Message: Perfect Position for Anal Only?

Anonymous: Hi, my wife and I have been going anal only now for at least a yr., but I am still searching for the perfect position for her and me. She says that I go too deep with doggie and we’ve done the side many times, any suggestions, thx.

Congratulations on being anal only for a year or more, first of all! That’s excellent.

The ideal position for anal is very much a matter of personal preference, so I would suggest just trying everything and seeing what works best for the two of you. Missionary and cowgirl/reverse cowgirl are good options to try.

You could also experiment with some depth training for her to enjoy doggy more, either with slower sex where you ease it in to full depth as she relaxes around you and learns how to open up internally to make it easier to take you deeper, or with a flexible dildo that can bend around easily inside her and help her relax.

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