Message: Double Anal With Boyfriend & Roommate in Quarantine, Part II

Anonymous: I wrote in the spring about being in quarantine with my boyfriend and roommate and how we had sex before, but in quarantine it was all the time with the three of us, and then we started trying double anal sex together and really enjoyed it.

I wanted to tell you that following your advice, we started doing it more often, and for several weeks we had double anal sex every day. Since the summer we have only had double anal sex because we like it very much, and we read about the idea of ​​double anal only here, and it was a good idea. For five months we have only had double anal sex, at least once a day.

They are not boyfriend and roommate anymore, they are both my boyfriends now, and we all like that we are in a relationship together. Doing it double anal just makes it a special connection for all of us, and we are committed to staying that way now, because it’s so nice, but also represents who we are so good.

But we want to know if this can last, is it safe and okay to do double anal so often and indefinitely? I have not had any problems so far, I feel very healthy and good about it, but I want to be sure.

Thanks for the update! So often people post a very interesting story and never return, so it’s good to hear updates from people about how things are going and progressing.

That sounds wonderful that you’ve not only been able to enjoy double anal together more often but found that it was what you really enjoyed most and decided to make your relationship double anal only going forward. I’ve posted about that subject on occasion and it definitely seems to be slowly growing in popularity with women, some trying it for the short term and others taking their anal only commitment to the next level by going double anal only.

I know and have interacted with a number of women over the years who regularly practice double anal or who are double anal only themselves, and have not heard any complain of negative side effects of going double anal only. As you no doubt have experienced, a frequent practice of double anal sex is going to result in your anus staying more relaxed and loose in the short term, though if you were to stop for whatever reason, it would tighten back up quickly. For double anal only women, staying loose and relaxed is desirable, however, so this is usually a very good side effect.

So long as you listen to your body and recognize any injuries and allow yourself to heal, you’ll be fine and are unlikely to have any negative problems. The fact you’ve been doing this daily for the past 5 months suggests you’re doing just fine and will have no issue.

I wish the three of you the best of luck and hope you are able to enjoy many years of double anal only together!

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2 responses to “Message: Double Anal With Boyfriend & Roommate in Quarantine, Part II”

  1. Stephen says:

    Maybe they could mix it up sometimes and take a break from double anal. For instance, they could have one of her boyfriends do anal with her while she sucks the other. Also, they could take turns doing single anal with her. She could have anal with one them and then flirt with the other and have anal with him shortly thereafter in an mock gangbang of sorts. Double anal sounds incredible and I bet it creates amazing bonds, but I think I would miss single anal too much if double anal was the only anal I did anymore.

    • analonlylifestyle says:

      Double anal only is an advanced step beyond anal only that foregoes doing things like anal/oral combinations in favor of making double anal the new default baseline of sex. It’s not for everyone, and it relies on a particular dynamic of people, but the commitment to that can be very physically and emotionally satisfying and exciting, which is why it’s becoming more popular.

      Some couples are also exploring it by including a dildo alongside during anal every time.

      Few report missing single anal, if anything they just miss doing double anal if they try it.

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