Message: Is There A Difference Between Waves of Pleasure and Orgasm?

Anonymous: Hey, I have a question. I know that both waves of pleasure and orgasm are pleasurable, but not exactly the same. What does anal orgasm feel like? I have played with my asshole since entering into my AO lifestyle, I have always preferred feeling waves of pleasure and arousal-like feeling in my asshole. I don’t mind if I get orgasms just from anal, it’s just that every time I play with my asshole, it feels amazing and intense.

Different people experience anal orgasms a little differently, with some feeling it as a climactic event with strong muscle spasms, while others describe it more like you’re experiencing it with waves of pleasure that just keep coming without being as climactic as other types of orgasms might be.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter—if you enjoy what you’re experiencing and it provides you with the pleasure and satisfaction that you need in order to stay anal only, then it sounds like that’s exactly what you need!

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