Message: A Woman’s View

I’ve been reading this blog with a great deal of interest recently. This is a topic which, while new to many, obviously attracts a lot of passion. And why not? Sex is a food for the soul and a basic human need.

And I’ve been reflecting how, based on my own experiences, a place like this is a much needed outlet for what I think is suppressed feelings, for many many people.

Mostly men, but that’s just from what I’ve seen in my own life – this is not a subject I’ve broached with many women. If anything, women are more uneasy about the sexuality aspects of anal sex than men. For sure, the anti-anal lobby (for want of a better word) enforced through cultural norms don’t help – but – my theory is other women misinterpret this as all about men wanting control and dominance. As far as I’ve experienced this just isn’t the case at all, and with the exception of my first time it has always been rather sensual and positive.

But to the point!

A few have spoken to the “instinctive” desires of men and in this I think there may be more than a germ of truth. In most of the men I’ve known there was always a definite keen, or learned interest, but in others it seemed almost innate. Hence these men claiming to have no sexual interest in the vagina. I’ve experienced just this.

For myself, who enjoys anal sex it has always been easy (and preferable) to make adjustments to my lifestyle to accommodate those partners. I find some are not able to have fully satisfying sex lives otherwise. You see, I believe this is completely “normal” for them. They are just different from the mainstream, but the difficulty is that with this taboo around the subject it just creates so much anguish. Perhaps this also applies to some women?

My message is this: don’t feel like a freak – you can find someone who shares you own interest or allow you to express it – be open and trust and talk to your partner.

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