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Hi – from Wales, in the UK (until Wales gets independence that is!)

I’m a woman in my late 60’s, bi and have been widowed and then living alone (by choice) for many years now. Life has shown me that I only have loving relationships with other women and since being alone I’ve realised that I don’t want to have another relationship – my life of love was full and I do not seek more…

But – I still have a body which annoys me with its wants, and I did spend several years on the swinging scene – just for physical gratification, nothing more. Out of that I found that my interests and desires were slowly converging towards just one want…

First I found that I just wanted to be fucked by men, with no romantic or emotional content at all – I loved just being taken and used, and coming home wet with their spunk…

In time I realised that I was drawn far more towards anal, and then wanted just that – anything concerned with either vagina or clit just turned me cold…

I can’t quite explain it, but I expect that you all understand – the whole aspect of anal just became the single core of my desires – going out knowing that I was going to give myself to someone – being taken – the enjoyment of being used – and (yes, dangerous, I know) the all-consuming desire to be gifted with a load of hot, wet, live spunk up me, delivered deep into my rear end…. to walk around later knowing that somebody’s sperm was swimming up inside me… (I always tried to keep it inside all night…)

Well, the years have passed and I haven’t been active for quite a while – age hasn’t been kind to me and I’m no longer the desirable young thing that I once was… but when I lie alone in my bed, the craving is still there, to feel some stranger’s cock thrusting up inside me and delivering that wonderfully rewarding load of cum…

Anyway – that’s how I’ve ended up here – too old to do much about it, but hoping to at least find some like-minded souls to talk to, and to just be able to share thoughts that I can’t share with anyone else….

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  1. Stephen says:

    What a wonderful woman! Anal sex isn’t only the greatest thing in all creation and possibility but there are many paths that this greatest of activities can lead to. Couples and groups can form commitments because of the incredible bonds that anal sex creates with its superhuman pleasure and passion. Once a couple, triad, or group has formed anal bonds, its considerably harder to break such a relationship than other types of unions.
    However, as the poster points out, by practicing anal sex, individuals can experience true sexual liberation and follow a path of anal promiscuity. Since vaginal promiscuity isn’t particularly gratifying, it is understandable that naturally earthy people soon gravitate towards the pure pleasure of anal sex.
    Anal promiscuity is truly a wonderful activity that is both Self-actualizing and generous at the same time: self-actualizing because it brings its practitioner so much physical and psychic satisfaction and yet philanthropic because those who are selected as partners get to experience the greatest pleasures of seduction, the magically pleasurable act of anal sex itself (often accompanied by oral sex), and then the amazing freedom of moving on. Feeling no romantic or emotional connection to the people that one has the most intimate of all activities with, is an incredible act and expression of pure sexual freedom.
    While some women choose to live this lifestyle (and some gay men as well), what is actually shocking is that not so many straight men seem to be open to the pure pleasure of practicing heterosexual anal promiscuity as a strategy as opposed to a situational tactic. Hopefully, with more women embracing promiscuity (and perhaps an eventual end to prostitution prohibition in most countries), increasing amounts of straight men will embrace the uninhibited and life affirming option of polyamorous heterosexual anal lust and not simply seek women for relationships. Through anal sex, sexual liberation, and fully decriminalized prostitution, humanity may achieve utopia by offering everyone the option of living their lives as a porn movie.

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