Why Vaginal Virginity Will Become the Norm

While currently, most people who practice the anal only lifestyle get into it after trying both anal and vaginal and deciding they want to settle on anal and move away from vaginal, it’s highly likely that in the future the majority of people will skip vaginal entirely and go straight to anal only, remaining vaginal virgins.

  • The old norm of getting married and having kids young and diving right into making a family is falling to the wayside as economic struggles are hitting younger generations hard and making it nearly impossible for many to support a family, as well as a shift to women wanting to live their own life rather than growing up only to be immediately responsible for someone else for the next 18 years. Anal is natural birth control, and far more enjoyable than vaginal when done right, so it makes sense to stay a vaginal virgin until ready to have kids.
  • Sexual awakening and openness is leading to a desire for mutual enjoyment rather than sex being focused more on male pleasure, and anal provides that more intense pleasure for women. Some women are deciding that it’s not even worth wasting any time at all on vaginal when they want to master anal pleasure instead, since it provides them with far more.
  • Most guys prefer anal, and are happy to go straight to anal, which in turn encourages women to do the same.

Whatever the reasons, it’s a trend we’re already starting to see begin, and it’s only going to continue to grow from here. If you’re an anal only vaginal virgin or considering going that route, please share your perspective with us!

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