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Hello from Sweden, everyone!

I’m a middle aged woman living in a D/s relationship since many years. My husband is my Master and he’s in charge of most parts of my life – of which sex is one.

I found AOL on Tumblr a long time ago and immediately became interested in this lifestyle. My husband hasn’t been willing to give up my pussy though. Until a month ago, that is. Suddenly he declared that my pussy and clit was now off limits! Quite unexpected to me.

Since then we only have anal and oral sex. We both love it!

I’m here now to learn more about training my ass in all aspects. I’d like to stretch it in order to manage somewhat larger toys as well as increase my stamina so to speak. I’d like to be able to wear butplugs for a longer time (hours). I easily get sore. We have to be quite gentle all the time and I dream about being able to receive harder pounding once in a while.

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