Message: I Don’t Know How to Tell My Husband I Want to Be Anal Only

Anonymous: I don’t even use tumblr, but I found your blog while trying to find information that would tell me if I was strange or not for being a woman who wishes to have only anal stimulation. I was so happily surprised to find your blog and see other women who felt the same way, and men who wanted to give up vaginal sex too. I don’t know how to tell my husband I want to live this lifestyle, though he knows I love anal, but I will absolutely be looking for some advice within your blog. Thank you so much!

I’m glad you were able to find it and discover that you are very far from being the only person interested in giving up vaginal and being anal only! Since starting this blog and the greater community around it, I’ve been blown away by just how many people already are anal only, and have been for a very long time in some cases, and how many want to get to that point. It’s been very rewarding to see, and how much it’s grown in just the past few years.

I’d suggest being honest with your husband. You could tell him that you really prefer anal and ask him if he would try a month without vaginal, just anal and oral, with you and a fun challenge. If he agrees and if you both enjoy it, then tell him that you’d like to just keep going with anal only indefinitely. Starting with a short term commitment can help get people past initial hangups they might have and by the time they’ve moved past any of the early issues or fears there’s only the fun, pleasure and sexiness of being anal only, at which point for many people it’s a no-brainer to stick with it.

Be sure to check out the other parts of our community as well, including the Anal Only Lifestyle forum and our Discord server for realtime chat.

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