Quote: The Things I Love About the Anal Only Lifestyle

The reasons why I like being anal only and aspire not to touch my pussy at all.

• Anal is hot. All men like it. It’s a fact. Why would I offer anything less than the best way to fuck?
• No touch for the pussy is the sweetest mindfuck ever. Less touching definitely doesn’t mean less thinking or desire. When I’m on no touch – the only way to have any release is to have him fuck me. And that leads to the next point.
• I’m constantly horny. I remain aroused even after my ass is left gaping. And I jump at every opportunity to have sex. No “headaches” ever.
• I put more effort into looking good for Him and finding time for sex. It does wonders to my self-confidence and bolsters our relationship.
• We have sex more often. Almost every day, instead of once or twice a week. That’s a huge difference.
• Anal is more intimate. Not everyone even does it. That alone makes it special. But there is more to it. It requires more trust and willingness than any other form of sex.
• Anal is a ritual. Just think on it. You have to prepare before it and measure your pace at the start. It’s more deliberate. At least on receiving side. And the intensity of the sensation makes you very much aware and mindful until the end. An offering, if you like.
• It makes me more submissive. There is nothing like a cock deep up your ass that can put you in place. As soon as it’s in – mindset changes on its own.
• We can concentrate on actual sex, instead of rubbing between my legs or things like that. He doesn’t need to perform. More passion and enjoyment for both.
• No need for contraception! Pills aren’t exactly healthy, and other means range from disgusting to ineffective. Pussy is for procreation, ass – for recreation. It’s that simple.

There is one drawback only – I can’t cum like that. But it’s only reasonable to choose all those benefits, right?

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