No Touch Week: One Week Done, Another Started

debaucherycat: One week done. Another already started. I kept my hands well away from my pussy and didn’t get to cum on Saturday. It was surprisingly easy and pleasant. My ass and mouth got fucked. And my tits got a lot of attention.

I’m horny and easily excitable but not desperate yet. And I love it. I’ve got cautioned that prolonged no touch can just become dull. It didn’t. Whenever I think of being constantly denied anal fucktoy, it drives me crazy. It takes a thought alone to turn me into horny slut with a wet crotch.

Did I say I love it? I do.

Best of all (or is it worst?), I found courage to ask Him to stop bothering with my orgasms for good. And he agreed to try it out. After I promised to earn it. Isn’t that a lovely mindfuck?

I want to give my thanks for all, who shared my post and sent me messages. You are the best! And also thanks to everyone who simply liked. I appreciate it a lot.

I’m going to write about my progress once in a while. I hope you will stay with me on this journey.

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