From Fantasy to Real Life

Anonymous: Your blog makes my pussy so wet, but it feels wrong to touch it when I’m looking at your pictures telling me to stop using it, so I started fingering my butt instead and it’s making me feel so sexy and slutty. At first I thought this was just a sexy fantasy but now I’m seriously thinking about trying to go anal only.

analonlytrainer: Ah, got you hooked with a sexy idea that’s quickly turning into a real desire, did I? You were right, it would be hypocritical to touch your pussy and clit while getting off to this blog. Fingering your ass instead was the right choice, well done.

Now that you’re getting hooked, let’s keep it that way. Whenever you feel the urge to rub your clit or play with your pussy, redirect and focus that energy on your ass instead. Rub it, finger it, plug it, dildo it. Make masturbation all about anal, and if you have sex with a partner, tell them to fuck your ass instead of your pussy.

Enjoy. Being anal only makes everything better.

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