Reddit: Riding His Dick for the First Time Since Going Anal Only

As a freeuse wife, I usually flirt subtly like getting all dolled up and flashing him casually by bending down so he can see up my dress. But I rarely initiate sex unless it’s waking him up with a blowjob because I like him being in control.

Well the other night, relaxing after work and we had both had a few drinks, and I’d been wearing a small plug that I bought myself last week. I was wearing a pair of thick black tights underneath my dress, but didn’t tell him I had cut a hole just low enough to expose my asshole for use, while still covering most of my cunt.

I went to the restroom and gently pulled out the plug, making sure I was nice and clean inside. I took a syringe and squirted lube up inside myself and carefully walked back over to see his glass empty, so I refilled it for him and straddled him when I came back. We kissed for awhile and I started undoing his pants and pulled his dick out. His hand moved up my dress and he sighed when he felt I was wearing tights rather than stockings. He told me to go lie on the bed, but instead I surprised him by getting up on my knees, reaching down between my legs, and pushing his cock against my bare asshole. I kept kissing him while slowly trying to force him inside me, and after a few seconds, pop he was in! I lowered myself completely down on him and kept slowly romantically riding him. It felt so close and intimate! When my legs started getting tired in that position, I turned around and kept riding him until he had me stop and just held me there, sitting on his lap with his dick up my ass. He kissed my shoulders and his hands traveled all over my thighs, ass, groin, everywhere but my cunt. He felt my tits, traveled down my stomach all the way down to where my hair would start if I had any, and stopped. He moved his hands back to my hips and I started bouncing again, he started thrusting harder and faster, and I felt so close to getting off! Alas, not today. But maybe someday.

He pulled out slowly while I squeezed myself shut, and I wiped myself down while he had a quick shower. Our love life has never been better! I’m so glad we made this change!

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