Message: Will It Hurt to Jump Back Into Anal After 3 Years?

msfoxzzyThree years ago my then bf introduce me to Anal sex and it was a shock at first but then I felt amazing after. Now I have a guy who never had anal sex before and he is huge at least 10″ my last guy was only 8″ I was wondering if it will hurt to jump back into anal sex after not having any for 3yrs?

Going three years without it is going to require some training, warmup and preparation to get back into the routine, I suspect. To a certain extent it can be a bit like riding a bike—once you get started, you pick it back up again pretty quickly—but it often still does require taking things slowly at first again.

I’d suggest starting to do some anal play on your own, fingering your ass, wearing a plug, using a dildo, and gradually easing into it, then working up to his size before having anal sex with him.

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