Reddit: Can’t Keep Anal Off My Mind

I haven’t had sex in years, and even became a Christian in the process. I started NoFap to regain self control – but I keep failing. I haven’t watched porn in almost a year, and I lost all my fetishes, but I still keep thinking of and missing anal. I can’t help but masturbate once it crosses my mind. If I get married, I know it’s only a matter of time until I introduce daily anal sex (if not multiple times a day) into my future marriage.

I preferred it to vaginal sex. I don’t feel much inside my vagina (which I am sad about), but in my ass I can feel everything – the texture, the pressure, every movement sliding in and out. The penis can go deeper in my ass than my vagina as well, and one time I’ve had 9 inches balls deep inside me. With my vagina, it feels like the man is having sex with just the vagina. With my ass, it feels like he’s having sex with my whole body. Because of this, it feels deeper and more intimate.

I introduced all my ex boyfriends to anal. I suggested it, and the man happily complied. When I spread everything for display, my man would finger and play with any parts he wanted. We then used coconut oil and took it slow, with him inserting the tip first. I pushed myself against his dick, my hands still spreading my ass (this always drove my exes nuts). I eased myself onto his dick, feeling the shape of him and how it pulsated inside me. My feet were already weak by this point, and my lips and breasts were swollen as a direct response to being “full”. He spooned me while fondling me, smelling my hair and kissing my neck. I wrapped my legs around his and led his hand to my mouth to suck on his wet fingers (to taste myself, which drove him wild). It was very easy to make myself come by tightening myself around his dick, and he said this was the tightest hole he felt. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and start thrusting very hard, in different positions every time we had sex. Sometimes he would keep his finger in my mouth. I would feel his thrusts through my whole body, and I sucked his dick with my ass by continuing to clench. After he came, we kept his dick inside me a bit longer as we made out. I loved basking in the heat and sweat of the man. When he slid out, it would make a “pop” noise and I kept his cum inside me until our next session, which was pretty soon.

What’s also interesting is that once I vaginally orgasm, I am not horny anymore. With anal, even after an intense orgasm, I am still hungering for more and I can satisfy that hunger multiple times a day anally without losing that drive. This was my life, almost every day.

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