Message: Anal Only, Finally!

Anal has always been my main fantasy, but for years it remained only a fantasy. I have been living with the same woman for more than 25 years, and we had sex she very often had a finger up her ass. Her favorite position was her riding me, with me fingering her ass and my other hand kneading her nipple. She always would deny anal, because she did not want to waste sperm as we were trying to have a third kid. I am lucky that she gets very wet just from sucking my dick, especially if I force her a bit, that’s the only foreplay we may have on a good sex session.

One day I was spooning her and had been fucking her pussy deeply for a long time, she’d got really wet. Of course had I fingerfucked her ass at the same time, and she was very much turned on but hadn’t cum. Before she would orgasm I pulled my dick out and I applied it on her bumhole, not pushing. She started pushing on it and could get the head in, but it was so tight I deflated. I rimmed her some which turned her on even more, she got  just about crazy hen I rimmed her without touching her pussy or clit. Her pussy really leaks then, and I can use her cream as the only lube.

But we retried and this time I could get some of my dick in and fuck her until cumming, she was soo tight! She did not cum, but told me the pain was very interesting. She trained a bit and after a few time I could ram her balls deep, only using her pussy cream as lube. I can actually penetrate her deeper up the ass than vaginally.

We had some problems of urinary infections, because I got back into her pussy after ass. Take my advice, don’t do that!. Ass is a one-way: you go there, you stay there!

Now she has turned into an anal loving slut who is disappointed the rare times I go vaginal, and puts my dick against her pucker, and gets the strongest orgasms of her life when i am fucking her ass deep and she stimulates her clit. She even blows me after I have anally fucked her, which is a thing that would happen only on porn movies.

The smell of ass is actually quite arousing, and I am rimming here with gusto.

We still only spoon, but I would like she anal riding me, but no penetration was possible until now. Any advice?

Now i want to assfuck her in almost public places, when she goes commando under her short dress… And she complained about me recovering too slowly, talking about another dick…

Sex life can improve after many years of routine!

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