Reddit: Hornier After Going Off Birth Control

Preface: I know not everyone goes without vaginal contact, but we do and it works well for us.

I was doing amazingly well enjoying my husband pounding my ass and going no contact with my cunt these last few months, but out of the blue I started struggling! I figured out that I’m probably ovulating thanks to going off birth control and it has awoken my needy little clit. I got the courage to talk to him about it last night after spending all day working out and cleaning the house to keep my mind off of the sudden and overwhelming urge to touch myself. He thanked me for being honest with him about my difficulty, and I feel so relieved knowing he is here to help me instead of being disappointed in me for not being absolutely perfect. We are all a work in progress.

So he introduced me to clit snapping. I keep a rubber band around my wrist so it’s always handy, and when the urge gets severe, I lightly stretch it out and snap it against my clit. Thankfully there are so many nerves there it doesn’t take much and doesn’t leave it too red or do any damage, but it hurts enough to take the edge off my desire to pleasure myself. Then I use my energy for something useful instead.

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