Message: Anal Only New Year

Annie: I liked your post about going Anal Only for the new year and new decade and it inspired me to try it! I’ve experimented with it off and on before but never really committed, but it’s like my biggest fantasy and dream to never have vaginal sex again and only do anal, so I want to take it seriously this time.

I think part of why it was harder for me before is that I didn’t have a boyfriend who wanted it as much as I did and they always drifted back to my pussy eventually and I didn’t stop them. But I just started seeing this guy who is really into my ass and we’ve done anal twice now but no vaginal, and he says he only does vaginal if a girl wants it but doesn’t like it himself. I think that’s really hot, and I really like him, so I told him about this idea and if we stay together I think it will be pretty easy for me to stay away from my pussy.

Anyway, I just wanted to share and say how excited I am to commit to the anal only lifestyle for real this time and hopefully (my pussy is dripping wet saying this) never go back to vaginal. I hope you get lots of other girls and couples making the commitment too!

Finding the right partner can be key to making an anal only commitment work, and it sounds like you’ve scored with your new guy. People who strongly believe in anal only are wonderful and to be cherished.

It sounds like you really want it as well, so between the two of you, I’m sure you’ll have no problem at all committing to pure anal only going forward and can work to quickly make vaginal a thing of the past for the both of you.

I, too, hope that many others join you in committing to a new year and a new decade of anal only and moving past vaginal sex.

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