Message: Vaginal Sex for Special Occasions?

Anonymous: What are your thoughts on “vaginal sex just on her birthdays”—that is, not being AO once per year?

Everyone can interpret the anal only lifestyle in different ways and make it work for them how they want, but personally I’m advocate for the purity of true anal only, and committing to a better life without vaginal sex and not going back to it.

That said, some anal only women have tried vaginal again after a year or two of anal only and found that it further strengthened their commitment to being anal only because in contrast with the intensity and passion of anal they found vaginal to be boring or downright unpleasant when trying it again. So there may be advantages to trying it at times—not as a treat, though.

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One response to “Message: Vaginal Sex for Special Occasions?”

  1. AnalJay says:

    We just decided to switch it around and make Anal the norm and vaginal an optional extra. It was such a thrill when we made the decision.

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