Anal Only is the Lifestyle That Best Fits Our Uncertain World

With the climate crisis, political shifts threatening the reliable availability of birth control or abortion to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and financial instability an ongoing concern for many in the younger generations, a stable future is far from guaranteed.

People are waiting longer to have children, knowing they can’t reliably support them, or choosing not to have any at all. In some extreme cases, people are avoiding sex altogether to avoid that risk.

The best solution to this, of course, is not to give up all sex, but to give up vaginal sex. There are many other advantages to going anal only as well, but virtually eliminating the possibility of unwanted pregnancy is a big one.

Sex is no longer primarily a reproductive act—in fact, the vast majority of the time, reproduction has absolutely nothing to do with it. So isn’t it time that we moved away from using the vagina, which is primarily a reproductive organ, towards pure anal, which is superior pleasure and intimacy without the baggage of reproduction.

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