Discussion: Prefer Anal Over Vaginal Sex

I am just curious if others prefer anal over vaginal sex..I was diagnosed with having uterine fibroids which cause me to have bad cramps and pain everyday plus I am going through menopause so I have vaginal dryness..When we start foreplay I am fine but not long after I dry up so I much prefer anal cause it seems to feel better plus I can orgasm…I thought about using creams for the dryness but kinds concerned of the affects from the creams…Anyone else experience the same problem and prefer anal?

melvinshelley2019, WeddingBee forums

A majority of the responses from other women are negative towards anal, with some even bringing up the same old myths of health risks from anal, but several women express their own enjoyment of anal or share that they similarly enjoy anal most and find vaginal uncomfortable or painful, or started out anal only.

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One response to “Discussion: Prefer Anal Over Vaginal Sex”

  1. Sandra says:

    Good question! I didn’t like backdoor much when I was younger. But anal has slowly won me over when I got older. Mostly thanks to a caring husband that knows what he’s doing 🙂

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