Forum: Do you HAVE to douche?

A discussion on the use of douching and enemas from the Anal Only Lifestyle forum:

I love anal sex, and I never douched. However, I also never did ass to mouth and if my guys ever ended up with shit on their dicks, they never told me.

If you want to do ass to mouth, do you HAVE to douche? I feel like douching is actually more harmful for the bowels, because you’re messing with the natural flora in there, removing the natural protective coating of the intestine, and making the whole place more vulnerable to damage and infection. Plus, it’s a PITA to do an enema every time you have anal, especially daily. I anally masturbate and I still never had shit appear on my toys (but I also don’t masturbate if my stomach is not feeling good).

Isn’t there a way to keep it clean down there otherwise? Maybe a better diet that’s healthier for your body as well (which correlates with your cleanliness down there), and I feel like maybe even more frequent anal sex will help keep you clean down there as well thanks to the stimulation, eventual ability to control and know your body, and because your body gets used to anal.

Is there something I am missing or am I too optimistic about how clean our asses actually are?

throwawaymedfree, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

I think it’d be a good idea to masturbate with a similar cock-sized dildo and experiment. Pull it out without douching and take a good look and sniff at it. If it’s not visibly dirty, then you really don’t have to douche for that length. 

There are some women who’s philosophy for ass to mouth is to never douche simply because they do it so often and actually love the taste of their natural ass juice. Douching daily would definitely mess up your intestinal tract. Sucking cock out of your ass on a daily basis in my opinion wouldn’t be harmful since over time your body would adjust to whatever bacteria you’re body already has. It’s why couples that practice ass to mouth regularly keep doing it. Otherwise they would stop if there was any infection or sickness. I had yet to hear of a single case of it. If anything, her ass wasn’t healthy (not eating enough fiber, for example) and in that case, douching prior to anal would be a good idea.

hasani2222, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

I agree. My wife rarely douches and she never hesitates to go down on my cock after it’s been in her ass. Ass to mouth serves to stimulate her arousal more. Stopping to sniff and inspect it would break the flow of things. She’s never had a single issue from doing it either.

LuvMyWifesAss, Anal Only Lifestyle forum

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2 responses to “Forum: Do you HAVE to douche?”

  1. bottomsup says:

    I don’t routinely douche before receiving anal penetration, but I douched once as an experiment, with no expectation of penetration, and actually enjoyed it. In fact, I only stopped after doing it ten times; but later that day I discovered clear mucus running down both legs.

    I have douched a few times when the penetrator requested the pleasure of watching, hearing, and even performing the douching. Actually, I’d love to douche multiple times, say, a few times each week, but I’m not sure about the health consequences. One very experienced power bottom considers douching essential and mandatory.

    When I’ve inserted a lubed finger to do a self-check, the results have varied. Sometimes the finger comes out dirty with an obvious odor and sometimes it comes out clean with no odor. When I self-check an hour-or-so after a soft, well-formed BM, there’s usually some residue on my finger.

    The farther away in time from my last BM the cleaner the finger, and that seems to imply that the residual material is going somewhere; but I don’t know where. A small amount will often seep or blow out to soil my external anus during the day and I wipe it away–if I remember or am able to check–when I urinate. Maybe the remainder backs up deeper into my rectum or even the colon, but it’s a little bit of a mystery.

    Morning-anal before I’ve had my BM can be reasonable, but I always inform the penetrator that a “surprise” should be no surprise. And penis size can be a factor. A longer penis may encounter the front end of my morning stool. In this case the penetrator can actually provide a bit of a warning before I’m even aware of the advancing stool. And a smaller penis isn’t really safe from soilage as the dilated anus and thrusting has a very strong BM-promoting effect. I’ve needed to rush to the toilet (or behind a bush) during morning-anal (or any anal) more than a few times, and we usually quickly resumed after I hurriedly emptied and wiped.

    My penetrators are rarely, if ever, uninformed about the main function of my anus. They may have seen me defecating somewhat unattractively on the toilet, or squatting or crouching awkwardly in the outdoors with a purpose–and seeing makes all the difference. Then, when they view my clean but naughty bare buttocks and flaunting anus in a more appealing situation, the mental imagery supporting the real duality of function serves, perhaps, to temper reactions regarding my actual anal hygiene.

  2. bottomsup says:

    When I produce a soft, well-formed BM, typically there’s typically still some residual left behind in my rectum. It stays there and hardens (I can’t dislodge it with my finger later in the day) and then forms the often hardened front of my next day’s stool. Evidently, only a new, fresh stool can dislodge the hardened residual waste for some reason. But that’s my best determination based on lubed finger insertion checking.

    So douching might be mandatory for me after all. I guess I should have studied this years ago, but AO has surely expanded my horizons.

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