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ButtBabe: Hey! I want to share an idea I had after reading this blog. I’m not anal only right now but I do anal probably 80% or 90% of the time and really only use my pussy for sex if I can’t do anal or if I’m having a threesome. But it’s not my first choice and I think the idea of doing just anal and making it a choice not to ever do vaginal is really hot!

So I was thinking of making this summer anal only and see how it goes. I would start at the beginning of June and go through July, which is when I’m off from school. Since I wouldn’t have many responsibilities in the summer compared to during school I could keep my ass ready for sex more easily and just do it all the time.

What do you think?

I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. You’ll be able to focus fully on it and staying in top shape for frequent anal sex. Dedicating a full two months to anal only will really show you what it’s all about to focus 100% on anal, and since you’re already a very anal-centric person, I’m sure that you’ll notice a lot of subtle, and maybe some not-so-subtle, improvements over continuing to use your vagina intermittently.

I will say, if you really enjoy yourself during the summer, just keep going with anal only. After two months of anal only, your ass will be well adjusted to the routine and I’m sure you’ll be able to go full time even during a regular school/life routine. Rather than seeing this as a short term summer thing to do, see it as an opportunity to spend a few months getting ready to go fully anal only long-term. And, if you already know you want to do this, why not get started now? Just keep doing anal regularly as you already do, and when you get to a situation where you would do vaginal, just don’t do it and either do anal or oral instead. No point delaying your goals if you can get started sooner and get even more time in.

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