Message: Am I Missing Something?

Anonymous: So I was talking with a group of friends (all male) and the conversation turns to sex and eventually anal sex comes up. I must be the only one of us who hasn’t done it, but the rest of the guys swear by it and say that if ever the opportunity comes up they’ll try and do it with their girlfriends. I didn’t believe them at first but they all said the same and then they told me there are people who only do anal, that it was a thing on tumblr when they allowed porn. So I went looking and found this blog. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve watched lots of porn and anal looks fun for variety but at the end of the day a hole is just a hole right? Is there something I’m missing as it would make sense that a pussy is best? Not trying to be disrespectful of anyone’s lifestyle, I’m just trying to understand. With the prep required and lube etc it doesn’t seem like it would be worth the effort but like I said I was told it’s something I’d want to do again if I were to try it.

At some level, it can come down to personal preference, but in general yes, for a lot of people anal sex does feel better and is more attractive and appealing than vaginal. A hole is not just a hole—everything has its differences.

It’s often possible to go deeper with anal. The anus is tighter and grippier. Both partners can feel the other orgasm more easily and with more detail through anal sex. Those receiving anal sex get more pleasure and more intense orgasms from it than from vaginal when anal is done right. There is a more primal and natural feeling of satisfaction from anal sex compare to vaginal.

With practice and experience, preparation can be reduced. It’s certainly needed when getting started, but with more experience and frequent anal sex, many people don’t need a lot of preparation or warmup. That, too, can be a matter of personal variation. You do need lube of some sort, but that’s not a big deal.

You should definitely give it a try, and not just once. It can take some time to get into and become familiar with fully, but once you do, there’s no comparison.

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