Are There Actually Women Who Enjoy Anal Sex?

The answer of course, is a resounding yes. Most women are not only capable of enjoying anal sex, but also coming to like it more than vaginal.

However, it is not something you can switch to straight away, without knowledge or adequate preparation.

As this man finds out, if a woman is fearful, having been conditioned to expect the experience to be unpleasant then it takes care and patience to build up to actual penetration.

Hello. I’m 24 year old male and I have some questions for all women out there. You see, these last couple of months I have talked a lot about anal sex with my friend.
So they told me that they all practiced it with their girlfriends and that it was great- for them and for girls.
So, just the other day I have tried it to do it for the first time with my girlfriend. When I tried to penetrate her she screamed because she was in lot of pain and told me that we will never try anything similar again. She also told me that no woman can enjoy in this awful act. So, I started doubting in what my friends told me earlier about it.
So, I would like to know are there actually women who enjoy anal sex?

He is reassured by the many response, from both sexes, that woman can and do enjoy anal. Besides, it is becoming increasingly common, perhaps even the norm, that heterosexual relationships include anal play/sex of some kind.

Several responses from women, say that while they do enjoy anal now, initially they were uncomfortable because their partner rushed things, or did not use any lubrication.

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