Message: My Friend Group Is Going Anal Only

Anonymous: I thought you’d like to know that among my group of 5 close friends, 3 of us are now anal only. I don’t know if we’re unusual because we share a lot about our sex lives but I started telling them about anal only when I first tried it last year and there was a lot of interest. 4 of us have tried it now, the 5th still holding out but she likes it up the ass, and 2 + me have gone all the way. Hopefully in time all of us will get there and maybe we’ll get some more too! Thanks for your inspiration.

That’s great to hear, and really inspiring! It’s always wonderful to hear from anal only people who have shared their love for anal and how great an experience being anal only is with their friends and acquaintances and in the process encouraged them to try it for themselves as well. I think it’s an excellent way to continue growing the anal only lifestyle, with the real people who really love it talking openly about it with others and encouraging and helping them to try it as well. Not everyone will necessarily like it, but introduced to it properly, most will!

Keep it up, keep encouraging your other friends, and be on the lookout for more opportunities to help introduce new people to the anal only lifestyle!

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