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After having my son 4 years ago, mine and my husbands sex life has been pretty much non existent.
When we do have sex it’s great but he pulls out every time and that’s always a disappointment, not because I want to get pregnant, I just like the feeling of him cumming inside me.

We aren’t on birth control or use condoms. For various reasons I won’t go into (except for the fact that I have fallen pregnant using these methods), they are not an option and at this point both of us aren’t keen on having tubes tied or a vasectomy even though are are 100% not wanting another kid.

I’m usually at my most aroused near ovulation and so I’m unlikely to initiate or accept a sexual invitation because I’m so paranoid about getting pregnant.
The risk of getting pregnant leaves me so anxious after every sex sesh we’ve had and it’s not worth it anymore.

We’ve had anal a couple of times since son was born and it was awesome. I’m usually always tired and the anal orgasms I have are actually invigorating and make me even more aroused, so even though I’m tired I’m still more likely to engage in sexual intimacy because I have lots of sexual energy.

My husband and I had anal the other night and afterwards he proposed that we just continue to do anal and no longer have pussy sex and it was like a lightbulb moment.

It just makes sense. More sexual energy, zero risk of pregnancy, having a much more frequent and fulfilling sex life.

I have had a fair amount of anal sex in past and it used to be way easier for me but because of the lack of sex, let alone anal I’ve been having since becoming a mom, it’s not as easy as it once was.

So husbands on the job to find some toys to make anal training part of our daily lives as well.

I feel inspired and excited for sex again. It’s been ages since I’ve felt positive about our sex life!

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  1. Chris says:

    I love stories like this. Why is it that being pregnant or having a baby changes so many women and they get more adventurous and even start to prefer anal sex? It’s a good thing and gives the men something else to get excited about other than the new arrival!

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