Discussion: Is It Normal for Women to Have Anal Sex?

That’s the question a Quora user asks, and thanks to the growing popularity and normalization of anal sex, they get some excellent responses!

Yes, anal sex has been practiced for millennia, both heterosexual and homosexual. More women are engaging in it these days, so it’s important to know how to do it correctly because, if you get it wrong, the result can be painful and possibly injurious.

Hombre Serious, Quora

It is very normal nowadays amongst women to have anal sex. Anal sex is considered to. be more enjoyable than other positions while having sex.
The only thing precautionary in Anal Sex is to go about very slow and be caring about your Partner. Being Selfish while performing Anal Sex can lead to Relationship issues on longterm basis.

Harley Julep, Quora

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