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Gia: I’m so happy and excited and I don’t really have anyone else I can share this with so I thought I’d share it with all you! I’ve followed this blog for years and have always wanted to be anal only since I found out it was a thing, but I couldn’t ever find a guy that was into it as much as I was and they’d try it for a while but would want to go back to pussy eventually, or would keep rubbing and touching me there when I didn’t want that, so it never really worked out for long.

But around the beginning of the year I started seeing this guy I met on Tinder and I decided to tell him right away that I was looking for a guy who was only into anal because I was an anal only girl. He said that he preferred anal too, and he hadn’t ever been in an anal only relationship but he’d love to try it. I was hopeful but a little bit skeptical, since guys before had been positive about it at first before changing their mind and wanting my pussy again.

My new boyfriend, though, if anything he’s gotten even more into it than I was since we’ve started it together. He loves it, he fucks my ass almost every day and loves stretching and gaping me and filling me with his cum, and he tells me how much my ass turns him on and how he wishes he’d met me sooner so he’d have learned how good it is to be anal only.

And best of all, he doesn’t touch or lick or play with my pussy or clit at all, and he helps me from doing it too, we work together to be better at anal only and it’s amazing. We really are like two partners working towards the goal of staying with only pure anal pleasure always! I can cum from anal almost every time we have sex now, and not using my clit for months has been amazing. I’m so happy to have him and to finally be my anal only self.

That’s so wonderful that you’ve found a partner who not only respects your anal only needs and wishes, but who is enthusiastic about the anal only lifestyle himself and helps reinforce and strengthen your commitment to anal only. That’s what makes a great sexual partnership, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy a long and happy anal only relationship together!

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