Reddit: Am I Fetishizing My Girlfriend?

A member of the r/analonlylifestyle subreddit shares his story:

So I got back with my ex. We’ve been apart for almost three months but we missed each other very much so we’ve started dating again. The thing is: I don’t know if I’m back with her because she’s anal only.

In these three months I went back to meeting people after a relationship of 1.5 years, and it felt very awkward. I thought I needed to see other people but I found out that all this flirting thing bores me terribly. I tried to hook up with a few girls, but I think my ex spoiled me and that only anal sex can turn me on now.

I met another girl and she was funny and interesting, but she didn’t like anal very much. She liked to be rimmed, but I suspect we only did it because she knew I liked it. I would eat her ass and get super hard, but when she wanted me to fuck her (in the vagina), I couldn’t help getting soft. It was very frustrating and it happened many times with other girls. It came to a point that I could only get horny from anal porn. And the worse part, watching anal reminded me of my ex.

So I texted her, we met, we talked and we end up fucking super crazy like we used to do. It was amazing. And now we’re talking about getting back and how are we going to manage it, and I have lots of doubts.

Objectively she’s a keeper. She’s very kind and caring, we like the same things and have the same goals in life. I feel like there’s nothing I can’t tell her. And I know I’m not getting back with her because I feel lonely (in fact, one of the things that led us to breaking up was the fact that I value my time alone very much and I wanted my space).

I tell myself I’m back with her because I want to share my life and my things with her and team up to face adversity, but I can’t keep thinking that the truth is that sex is fucking amazing with her. I love grabbing her legs, spreading them apart and eating her asshole right away. I love how she moans, it drives me crazy. When we fuck she’s always clean and we don’t even need lube. She rides me and she cums in two minutes without touching her clit or her vagina. It’s so easy and so rewarding that I can’t believe it, and she loves it too. It blows my mind.

So my question is, am I fetishizing her? Have any of you been in a similar situation? Do you have any advice?

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