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User JoeBlo shares his first experience with anal sex:

my new girlfriend and i were having sex for the first time yesterday and midway she asked if i had ever had anal before and i said no. i have always been somewhat curious to try it before but have never found a girl willing to. i was so astonished when she asked but felt like i had just found the women of my dreams lol. she told me she loves anal and has it just about every time she has sex, so she told me to put it in.

i had no idea what to expect but when my head entered her sphincter it was the most amazing feeling ever, it was so tight and warm i was sure i was not going to last long lol. since i had never done it i wasn’t sure how deep to go but she told me she is experienced and told me to go all the way in  let me tell you when her sphincter was grabbing the absolute base of my penis and my whole cock disappeared into her ass i thought i died and went to heaven. i could even feel the pressure of her colon wrapping around my head thats how deep i was. the best part wasnt even over yet, that came when she told me she wanted me to cum in her ass, holy crap i almost fainted right there. i am now convinced nothing will rival the feeling of unloading your cum deep inside a girl’s ass. anal is a completely different feeling, in a good way.

sorry if this got a little explicit but damn was that the most amazing thing ever and i really wanted to share it with people who understand. i told her i want to do anal every time, i wouldn’t be surprised if we end up going anal only because she prefers anal.

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