Message: Separating Reproduction From Sex With Anal

Anonymous: looks like you got a good debate going on. my 2 cents: people are so hung up on the reproductive aspect, so you get this cognitive dissonance. in their minds the vagina has to be best, but their senses tell them otherwise. they don’t see that sex and reproduction can be 2 different things, and maybe the anus has been adapting with humans through the ages as part of all this. why else would people have such a keen interest in anal otherwise? what do the rest of you think?

It makes sense that pleasure and reproduction can be separate. The vagina provides an essential purpose for life, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best for pleasure. Anal provides more pleasure and intimacy, without any reproductive associations. This seems perfect and ideal. Natural birth control. Better pleasure. Reproduction when and if you want it, with no unwanted surprises.

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