Natural Attraction to Anal

It’s no great secret that most men’s first reaction to seeing a vagina is aversion, innately recognizing it as something not particularly appealing or attractive, but conversely the instinct with asses and assholes is curiosity, attraction and greatly increased interest.

Traditionally, people have “gotten over” this first impression and learned to enjoy it for its other attributes, and that’s a common response when someone who has this aversion to vaginal talks with other people about it, but perhaps it’s time to reconsider that and instead embrace that natural instinct of attraction to the anus over the vagina.

Anal sex is far better suited for pleasure and intimacy than vaginal is, and is almost perfectly optimized to that purpose, while the vagina is optimized for pregnancy and giving birth. From a biological goal of reproduction, innate desires and preferences for vaginal sex made sense, but we’re now on an overpopulated planet where a growing number of people aren’t even financially stable enough to consider having children, and reproductive sex is far from the minds of most people.

Since non-reproductive goals are the primary sexual motivators for modern people, and since the only advantage vaginal sex has over anal is reproduction, it’s only natural that our preferences are shifting towards anal. Our first impressions are correct: anal is what we should be doing and vaginal should be avoided.

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