Message: This is an Evil Thing You’re Promoting, Pure Evil

Anonymous: You are trying to make sodomy look like a great thing when it’s really an abuse towards women… this is an evil thing what you’re promoting, pure evil, but… why do you promote this?

What makes you think anal sex is abusive towards women or evil? Forcing it, or any other sort of sex, on someone would be abusive and evil, but you seem to fail to recognize the fact that this isn’t just something only men want—many women really like anal sex too and get a lot of pleasure from it—often with more powerful orgasms than from vaginal. I fear you are grossly misinformed.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following responses.

sa8216: Women have 3 times the nerve ending in their ass as the do their vagina. If you have a good partner that knows how to make you feel comfortable it can be an amazing orgasm. I have converted a few girlfriends that turned out to love it once they realized i wasn’t going to rush anything

phoenixandy: Towards women? Errr hello, how do you think gay guys have sex?

hiroshi-tea: Wow, what got up anon’s asshole?

pinklioness7: Someone needs to get laid….

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