Message: Why Do Some Claim Anal Is Horrible For Women But Healthy For Men?

Anonymous: It’s weird how some feminists claim that anal is some sort of horrible experience for women, while those same people defend gay rights and gay marriage. Why would anal be perfectly fine and healthy or even romantic when it’s between men, and some terrible thing when it involves a woman? Anal seems even more logical to me for straight women since women are biologically “designed” to take pleasure from penetration, much more so than men.

There are a lot of myths surrounding anal sex out there which many people still believe, regardless of their political views, gender, or sexuality, so if someone believes anal is a painful or degrading experience, it’s not surprising they would object to it in a variety of ways. There are also many who think that men can enjoy it while women can’t because men have a prostate, when in reality it can be enjoyed equally by men and women both. Most negative views of anal come from those who either haven’t tried it themselves or are looking through the lens of only negative experiences with inexperienced partners.

My goal is to show that anal is a universally good thing and that everyone can enjoy its superior pleasures, but they have to want to. It shouldn’t be forced onto anyone, or be some sort of unwanted obligation.

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