Message: Realizing It’s Normal to Prefer Anal

Anonymous: Thanks for running this site. As a man, I feel nothing much at all when I look at a pussy, but i’m in love with everything about a womans ass. Loving all the questions here, and how this place make me realize its normal to be this way. Just want to find that special lady so I can show her how much better it can be for her too. Do you think many women are more open to the idea and can accept a man like me who just wants a loving relationship but without vaginal coming into play?

You’re quite welcome—that’s a big motivation for this site, letting people know that there are a lot of other people out there—men and women both—with the same preference and that it’s not a bad thing.

There are definitely women who prefer anal, and some who don’t get much out of vaginal, or actively dislike it, or are just turned on by ignoring it. A significant number of anal only blogs on tumblr are run by women. That said, women who actively want to be anal only are most likely a minority and it would obviously be hard when dating to find someone up front who likes and wants anal only.

The most common way anal only couples end up that way, in my experience, is first and foremost by just being a good couple that communicates well and is open minded to each other’s preferences. Careful introduction to anal if either partner is inexperienced with that has to be a first step towards anal only, and honest but subtle expression of a desire for going anal only if and once your partner really enjoys anal, starting with a short period of anal only and gradually going for longer periods.

Or you could do as some have done once you have sex with a new partner for the first time and just be up front that you only have anal and oral sex, not vaginal. But you would have to be very prepared for rejection, I imagine.

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