Message: Stomach Problems and Anti-Anal Laws

Anonymous: Just a few random questions for you!! What do you do when stomach problems come up? Like period cramps or just regular stomach bugs? Do you still use a plug? Does your partner still want something in return like oral or do you just wait until you can both participate? Also what is your opinion about states in america that deem anal illegal would you still participate if you lived there? Anywho have a great day!

You should listen to your body, and if it feels like your digestive system is not up for anal sex or play, take a break from it until you recover. If you’re with a partner and you’re anal only, you can always switch to just oral until you feel up to more, or just take a break entirely if you don’t feel well. There’s no universal answer here, what works for you and your partner is what you should do. Whatever kind of sex you prefer to have, there are always times someone can not be up for it.

While anti-anal laws might still be on the books in some states, nobody is enforcing them. We should work to get those laws eliminated, but in the meantime, don’t let them get in your way of enjoying anal sex and pleasure.

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