Real Talk: Do Women Like It In The Butt?

The title is from an article at which interviews a number of women about their views and experience of anal sex. This was a follow up to a previous article where men gave their opinion on anal sex.

There is a mix of views: Some haven’t tried, some tried it but didn’t like it, whilst the remainder enjoy it. These break down into about equal thirds.

What is obvious from those that don’t try is often the women says “we don’t like it” as though speaking for the man. It is a mistake to make this assumption. They also have preconceived notions based on negative stories they have heard.

The other group was those that have tried, but found it painful, did not enjoy it, thought they were too small, or thought that too much preparation was required. It is likely that too little of the correct preparation was done, or that they gave up after one or two tries. Successful anal requires and deserves more than just one or two attempts – it will feel a little different, even slightly uncomfortable at first. But that will pass.

The most positive contribution was by ‘Orchid’:

Oh come on. Any woman who doesn’t have stupid hang-ups about sex or her body shouldn’t have an issue with anal. After you’ve done it a few times and have gotten used to it, you can have unbelievable orgasms. Like, body-shaking orgasms. Someone who has a problem with any kind of sex between two consenting adults has deeper issues. Don’t blame anal, blame stupid urban legends. In high school, a girl told me that if you have anal sex, “the membranes between your vagina and your anus can tear and you’ll start shitting out your vagina.” This is retarded. Sex is good for you. Sex is great. If you want to have anal sex with a partner who wants to have anal sex, it’s a beautiful thing.

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