The 5 Rules of Anal Play for Women

alwaysanalblog: “Anal sex gets a bad reputation for a few different reasons. The main reason is that anal sex is often portrayed in porn as a power-dynamic with the woman being submissive to the man’s desires.

There is so much “It hurts,” “It’s gross,” “You’re a slut,” or “I only do it to please my man” dialogue. Unfortunately, anal sex isn’t something that women openly admit to trying, never mind openly admit to enjoying.

Well, you have to forget all of that. A one-sided representation of anal sex has made its way into society and stuck. There are so many benefits of anal sex – including the possibility of intense pleasure. It is also a great way to target your G-spot (in certain positions like doggy style). The power-dynamic is not necessarily a submissive one (although if you enjoy being submissive, this can work for you). The woman is often in control. And, while you might have been told that anal sex is anti-feminist, there is nothing more feminist than taking control of your own pleasure.”

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