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Anonymous: I would like to know more about the blog and the person behind it. Do you have many followers? Do you have only anal sex? Do you get much negative feedback or are most people positive about the lifestyle? Lastly, is the blog just to share information or do you think other people will become interested when they hear about the anal only concept? Thanks.

The Anal Only Lifestyle blog has multiple people behind it who are regular contributors. Most of us either do live the anal only lifestyle, have for an extended period in the past, or are seeking to do so in the future.

We have nearly 700 followers at this time, while our pornographic counterpart, Anal Only, has over 11,000.

Feedback has been almost entirely positive, with only a very tiny bit semi-negative. Nearly everyone appears to at least be tolerant of people’s preferences even if they don’t personally understand them, and most are actually actively interested in the idea of giving up vaginal sex for exclusive anal, even if they’re unwilling to do it at present.

The blog is both to share information with others who have the same interests and let them know they’re not alone and that there are in fact many others out there of every gender with the same desires, and to introduce the idea to others and get them to realize the possibility and make them want it as well. Personally, that’s how I was introduced to the idea. I’d always liked anal but never considered the idea of anal exclusivity until I began reading about happy couples who had given up vaginal sex and were only having anal sex and loving it. I immediately knew that I wanted the same.

So, on that note, if anyone following has a story about an anal only relationship that they want to share, please submit it. You can do so anonymously if you want, but please get it out there so you can help others who want the same thing.

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