Message: How To Bring Up I Want To Do Ass To Mouth?

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I have been doing anal for a couple years and we’re mostly anal only now, vaginal is just something we do once or twice a year now and I think we’re at the point where we can stop doing that too. Something I really want to start doing though is ass to mouth. How do I bring up that I want to suck his cock after he’s been fucking my ass?

Congratulations on getting most of the way to anal only. I’d suggest just deciding that the two of you are done with vaginal and that you really are anal only now, it sounds like neither of you would actually miss vaginal, you’re just still holding on to it a tiny bit to see if it’s something you still want. Since you aren’t doing it more than once or twice a year, it obviously doesn’t do much for you. So I think you’re ready to let it go for good.

As for ass to mouth, it sounds like you have a pretty positive and communicative relationship if you’ve gotten this far with anal only already, so why not just tell him? I’m sure he’d love the idea and be turned on by it. Or if you want to, just grab his cock after he’s fucked your ass the next time and start sucking on it, then talk after and tell him you want to do more of that.

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